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Try to understand my situation.
For people who know me, you all know what situation i am.
 As i do only do North-East side, so my cost for CFWB will be much expensive from others blogshop.
Blogshop selling cheaper then me, only meet up at west side. For now, i didn't see any blogshop selling CFWB for North-East Side.
 & if i need any stocks i needa travel down West side to get it.
 But i'm also trying very hard to flexible my cost.
 So do support.

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Tuition For Japanese / Chinese Languages

House to House Teaching

4 Lessons Each Month
 1 week, 1 lesson 
 Each lesson durations of 1 hour
For Singaporean learning Japanese & Chinese $160
For Foreginer learning Chinese $240
Japanese For Beginner / Medium
The teacher who's teaching Japanese Languages is currently working at Night Safari as a Japanese Trains Commentator. She graduated from JCS Japanese Languages School, and not only that, she even have certificates for Chinese Languages from KLC School of Education. Preparation for HSK from Level 1 - 6 is provided.