Update on Shopparadise' Blogshop! :D 

27th August 2011; Saturday
Hey ShopParadise!
I'm not gonna be taking in any preorder items from September ~ October.
As i needa give birth to my Cute Jayden. <3
I'll be still selling Instock Items, so instock items do feel free to order from me!
I'll have friends who help me deliver the items! So No WORRIES!
HEHE, Handmade keychains i have just uploaded on facebook!
So i'll be uploading soon on our website too!
Do support more alright!

Anyway, Do follow us on twitter~
When our follower had reach the number of 50. We'll be giving away free gift!
I'll be fair & pick up randomly, so don't miss it.

Shopparadise is offering people who purchase from us more then 10 items,
from last time until now.
We'll look through our buyer information!
this the name of the people.
Items Numbers Purchase by our buyer♥ :
Peiyi - 6  items
James - 5 items
ChenMing - 5 items
CarrieTan - 4 items
GinaOng(NVSS) - 4 items
DarylKoh(NVSS) - 3  items
DenieceLim(NVSS) - 3 items
Rowena(NCHS) - 3 items

Orders  less then 2, we wouldn't be
posting up your name. :)
So for Peiyi, if she buy 4 more items! free gift is given to her~ either, instock earrings, instock rings, handmade items
& more. ~ WOW!
22th August 2011; Monday
Hello Shopparadise! ♥
*Lastest UPDATE*
Bad News first.
Pre-orders bags, isn't available anymore. Sorry guys! Althought the bags is pretty, not there's no orders of it.
So decided to close it.
There's Good News too!
Lots of Instock Rings & Earrings AVAILABLE now!!! ^^
Some instock items i've manage to get 2. So do order fast! Cox it's Limited Edition!
& the most important things is i'm selling at and afforable & reasonable price.
Others blogshop selling much expensive then mine.
Trust me, you wouldn't regret buying it.

Anyway i'm gonna sell fred perry bagpack soon. ^^
Preorder Earring, Bracelets & more is coming up sooon!
But i lazy to upload the pictures haha! So do give me time to upload. <3
Be patient!

Envelope Wallet & Korean Slim Wallet Preorder order 1st Batch is Reaching soon. Givve me 2 more weeks. Cox needa meet up
with supplier & get the items. :D

Thanks You!
06th August 2011; Saturday
Hey People!
 I'm back.
 Just update Pre-orders bags!:)
 You can purchase now!
 But all preorders bags needs a number of 30 cappings.
 When cappings reach, we will close our preorder & send in our orders:)
 Cox my supplier only take 30 orders and above:)
 So ask your friends along to buy with you, so you don't have to wait so long.
 Anyway guys, please remember in mind. Once orders confirm, no backing out. If not you'll be blacklisted. Refund will also not made for you.
 Thanks you.
05th August 2011; Friday
Hello ShopParadise!
 New Update!
 Guys i'm gonna bring in more instock tomorrow.
 So do Support. If you need any instock items. Please orders asap!
Cox instock items, we mostly bring in 1 each!
 So Get it asap, don't ask me for it. When the stock was sold out.
03th August 2011; Wednesday
Hello Shopparadise!
New update! 1st Batch of Cartoon Foldable Water Bottles,
 orders have being send out to my supplier yesterday.
Cappings @ 34 / 20 ! yeah! Thanks for your support! 
It'll take 2 to 3 weeks to arrives. 
So don't rush me guys!:) I'll give you all a texts, when orders arrived.
& Envelop Wallet had also reach the
Cappings of @ 3 / 3 ! Orders have being send to my supplier too!
Arriving time will be the same as the CFWB. 

Bad news for Korean Slim Wallet
My preview supplier is not selling anymore. 
But i've found more supplier, supply this wallets. But the meeting place for me to meet them, is at Jurong East area.! 
Hmmm, so i'll be ordering it in through reg mails. So i woudn't be wasting the time travel down:)
So please give me some time to settle with my supplier.
anyway Cappings for Korean Slim Wallet have reach 3 / 3 !
Thanks for your support! 

Good news!
 People I gonna sell bags! & shall post the pictures ON friday or sat:)
Do view it.! all pre-order & ship in from buangkok!