Terms & Conditions ;

Terms & Conditions : 
1. No Handphone, No Deals.
2. Strictly no MIA Buyers. 
3. Some images might look slightly different (colour, size) from the actual item due to different lightings. 
4. No backing out once your order are confirm, or else you will be blacklisted.
5. Pls be punctual when collecting your items.
6. Only S'pore cash Accepted.
7. If you have no paitent, pls don't buy anything from me.
8. You'll receive a text from @shopparadise after your order has arrived. So don't rush me!
9. Once items is sold , it will be non-exchangeable and non-refunable
10. We won't be responsible for any wrong item given (so do check your orders before you send in) 
11. Bring exact amount , when u make payment no change will be given :D
12. If yr item is out of stock, either you change colour or else no refund.
13. *If our supplier gone MIA no refund will be made.
14. Payments must be made within 3 days once ur order is confirmed .
15. If your items have arrived & you nvr get your items within 1 week, we will confiscate your items. No refund will be made for you. If you wanna redeem you items back, please paid a total of $5 dollar.

Payment & Collection ;

Preorder :-
Meet-up twice, (1st for payment, 2nd for collection)
I won't help you to pay first .
1. Transfering only POSB account : 249-13601-8
2. No payment, No order.
3. I do charge if you are late for more then half an hour.($2 per half an hour)
4. Meet-ups timing & date will be strictly to my convenience .
  - SengKang, CompassPoint Shopping Centre
  - Compassvale 201 Area
  - Rivervale Mall
  - Rivervale Cresent 147 Area
  - North Vista Secondary School (Weekdays Only) 
  - Nan Chiau High School (Weekdays Only)
5. Please inform me 3 hours before if you can't meet up. 
6. Normal Postage - $1.50 per items. $0.60 cent for continuous items.
7. Registered Postage - $3 per items

Instock : 
1. Meet-up once, (for payment & collecting stocks^^)

Please same US your information just like the form below.

Mail me your orders or msg me. #shopparadise@hotmail.sg OR #j-jessicak@hotmail.com .
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